Futurescapes: A 50 City Perspective Art Book

Ever wonder what some of the world’s most beautiful cities might look like in the distant future?! Well, 50 have been included in this paperback and printed in beautiful glossy detail. Enjoy turning each page and soak in the pure vibrance of every colorful nuance. Appreciate digital art in a whole new way and marvel at what technology can inspire.

Why you will love this art book:

  • Beautiful Renderings: Enjoy and appreciate the beauty from 50 futuristic cities around the world.
  • Full-Color Glossy Finish: Every digital art piece is lovingly printed on quality paper with premium color.
  • Perfect Gift Idea: Don’t know what to get that special someone? Who doesn’t love the calming effects of viewing art? Give a gift that will surely start a conversation by displaying on your favorite coffee table or ottoman.


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